Sustainability and quality

Purus takes responsibility for manufacturing products which will last for a long time.


We care about being a customer oriented company. “The craftsman’s best friend” is our motto at Purus.

This means that we care for our customers’ wishes and requirements all the way from specification to installation. Everyone involved should feel reassured that our products and services make a worthy contribution to the overall project.

Eco-design and reycled material.

At Purus, we strive to always supply quality products that give joy for many years, and through this help our environment. Our goal is to provide solutions that have a much longer lifespan than an average bathroom or kitchen.

When we design and develop new products, we take on the projects with a circular mindset based on an ‘eco-design guide’.

This means that we aim for the lowest possible environmental impact across the whole development process: product development, manufacturing, distribution, raw materials, packaging and final use of the products.

We constantly work with the ethos that less is more. When purchasing raw material from our supply chain, we ensure that suitable sizes and quantities are ordered to minimise waste. In addition, we recycle leftover material: stainless steel is melted down to be reused in the production of new raw materials; whilst waste of various polymers is recycled to become new plastic granules.


Made in Sweden

Being a Sweden-based company gives us the best possible conditions for reducing our environmental impact. We have strict environmental laws in our country and a well-built recycling system.

Customers may notice shorter transport routes as well as the possibility to customise large parts of our product range to reduce waste.

Of course, our operations are conducted in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and environmental requirements. We also offer assistance with environmental assessments of products for larger projects with special environmental requirements; for example, Byggvarubedömning and Sunda Hus. Please contact Purus’ sales department for further information.

Type approved products

Our products are largely approved by external parties and are usually deemed ‘type approved’. Products are tested at the time of initial product development as well as throughout the products’ lifecycles. For our Swedish products, this means type approvals of Rise and manufacturing control by DTI.


ISO 9001 and 14001

For several years, our production units have had well-functioning environmental and quality management systems that meet the requirements of internationally accepted standards SS-EN ISO 14001:2015 and SS-EN ISO 9001:2015.

Environmental and quality work is a responsibility for all Purus employees, and this is promoted through training and collaboration. Our processes and routines enable more efficient planning of the business, increase the use of modern technology, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and influence and make demands on our supply chain to ensure that all resources are used as efficiently as possible.

We ensure that we are always aware of industry developments and use this knowledge to continuously improve our work. With more than 75 years of experience in the industry, we strive to ensure that you, as the customer, will always feel confident in choosing Purus.

More information

In the BLS Group’s sustainability report for the year 2020, you can read about which sub-goals from the UN’s 17 overall sustainability goals that we have decided to actively work with. In the report, we also describe parts of our code of conduct, both internally and for suppliers and business partners.

You can find related documents for each product, such as approvals and environmental assessments, on our website. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us.