FAQ - Floor gullies

Purus has a large range of floor gullies, consult your installer or a consult which is suitable for Your installation.

Existing floor gullies during renovation should normally be replaced. Floor drains manufactured until 1991 is not approved and should always be replaced.

Purus knife is used for making holes in the vinyl flooring, waterproofing membrane and gasket (or sleeve).
With Purus knife you get an easily and quickly precise hole measurements for the clamping ring.

The Purus plate is used for installation in wooden joist.

Some of the Purus gullies have the NOOD water trap as standard, if they don't have that you will need to buy it seperatly as an accessory.

That is depening on what floor type the gully is installed in. For vinyl flooring we have round stainless steel gratings and for tile flooring we have square design gratings.
The majority of Purus gullies are delivered with a grating in either plastic or stainless steel.