FAQ - Maintenance

You chould regularly clean the water trap in the gully, clean the sink bottomvalve/waste bend/bottle trap or hair and soap residue.

Yes, no problem! All the Purus gullies have a removable water trap that is easy to clean. Just be careful with tools in the gully so you don't move the clamping ring out of position and that gasket are undamaged and in correct position.
To make it easier to assemble the gasket can be greased using soapwater etc. To just make a fast rinse of the water trap, flush with cold water after you have showered in estimatedly 5 seconds staight to the gully.

The gully should be cleaned regularly for it to work optimally. But it's depending on how often it's used and the water content, a clear sign when you should clean is if the water doesn't drain as it chould. 

Make sure that there is water in the water trap, if the gully is not cleaned properly in a while there will be sope residue etc. and that can contribute to bad smell. Clean the gully with germicide and rinse properly afterwards. If it's for example a summer home we would recommend the NOOD, read more about it here.

No, it's not the non-flushing that makes the urinals hygenic or unhygenic. It's the cleaning around the urinal.