FAQ - Stainless steel sanitaryware

Minimum 6 l. The flow is estimated to 2 l/sec.

6 liters. This is adjustable but we recommend 6 liters for public use.

Not in all wash basins, some are with and some are without.

Yes, PUM is an accessories that you can buy separately for most Purus wash basins.

All Purus stainless steel toilets, except back-mounted V131 & V135, are supplied with capped holes for a toilet seat. If you instead would prefer seat pads, you need to drill the holes, according to the installation instruction .

No, it's not the non-flushing that makes the urinals hygienic or unhygienic. A PUM scent trap in the drain will provide an odorless environment. Instead, bad smell often comes from poor cleaning around the urinal.