Floor gullies & Stainless steel channels

Our floor gullies and channels are made of plastic, stainless steel and cast iron. Our products, which are known for safety, functionality and innovative design, fit all types of locations where floor drains are needed. In terms of floor gullies, we work with a local, customised product line under our own brand name and can offer a wide range of choices. This includes everything from traditional residential gullies and designed floor gullies to industrial gullies and industrial channels customised for commercial environments.

Designed floor gullies

Purus designed floor gullies are an example of how creativity and design can revolutionise an industry. The technology, quality and functionality included are equally as reliable as in our other floor gullies, but the innovative design provides a more personal touch in the bathroom.

Purus designed floor gullies are available in a variety of shapes and colours and offer a high degree of freedom when installing the floor gully.