Floor gullies which leave room for your personal style

News | 2017-01-25
  • Floor gullies which leave room for your personal style
    Floor gullies which leave room for your personal style

It is important that you feel good in your bathroom, the place where you both start and end the day. Purus' designed floor gullies are an example of how creativity and development can change something we take for granted. The technology, quality and functionality is just as reliable as our previous floor gullies.

To ensure that you feel good in your bathroom, you should make smart choices that last for a long time. Make the floor gully one of your first choices, after all it is used every day and usually occupies a central position in our bathrooms. Why not make it an attractive component to look at when you are in your bathroom? We would suggest that Purus' design gullies provide unique possibilities for increased well-being in your bathroom. Make it even more personal and position the floor gully based on your own requirements, in a corner, along a wall or as traditional, in the middle of the floor.

Purus Corner is a solution that enables gullies to be fitted in corners. It works particularly well together with tiles laid diagonally as it enables a complete floor with unbroken tiles.

With Purus Line fitted along a wall, it is simple to create a slope in one direction, giving an even, level surface, with no need to stand on the gully. Furthermore, you can lay the same large tiles in the shower as in the rest of the bathroom, which adds to the overall impression.

Why choose a round one when you can choose a square one? With Purus Square, you can retain your traditional round floor gully, but replace the grating with a square design grating.

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