Purus rationalises its brand and operative units

Press Releases | 2015-05-29

The Purus Group has decided to rationalise its brand names and the names of its operative units.

This means that the well-known and widely used floor gullies, toilets and chrome-plated copper
pipes will continue to be sold under the names Purus, Jafo and Unidrain. However, the industrial units, such as factories and logistics units, will now appear under the name BLS Industries.

We will support our marketing organisations and brands centrally in a fair and professional manner without giving anyone preferential treatment. We will compete vigorously on local markets, but
behind the scenes we will cooperate in the sectors of product development, production, logistics and the like.

The corporate identity number remains unchanged.

If you have questions about BLS Industries, feel free to contact the Purus Communications Department.

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