Grate drain

Kanalsystem - Gallerränna

The grate drain is 100 mm wide and has a detachable grate. The stainless steel mesh grate is designed for installation in concrete flooring or in tiled flooring without waterproofing membrane and suited to industrial environments with large water volumes and is available in two different load classes, L15 (1,500 kg) and M125 (12,500 kg). The grate drain can also be fitted with the Purus support legs, which makes it easy to adjust channel height when cast in concrete. The drain can also be fitted with threaded bars and nuts as a help if needed.

Product data

Material Stainless steel.
Width 100 mm.
Floor type For concrete or tiled flooring without waterproofing membrane.
Length Expanded in two different directions, a total of 24 metres at most (12 metres in each direction). Customized solutions are of course possible. Contact us at Purus.

The slot drain is equipped with mounting plates with holes that are drilled for installation with threaded bars and nuts.


With T and L-shaped angles, the system can be expanded in two different directions. There are 3 different types of angles for many different combinations.