Purus Plate 2014

Purus Plate 2014

Purus Plate 2014 for an easy, simple, safe and fast installation.

The Purus Plate 2014 is reversible and consists of just 2 parts, instead of a number of parts as was the case with the previous plates. It can be used for installation in both vinyl floors and tiled floors. The mounting plate functions in such a way that movements in wooden underflooring are not absorbed in connection with the gully, but a small distance away, which is a requirement in accordance with the Swedish industry regulations Säker Vatten (Safe Water).

Purus Plate 2014 has many advantages, among others that it is square rather than round, which facilitates sawing, it has a built-in incline to avoid having to construct one around the gully, it is smooth on one side and grooved on the other side, depending on whether it is an installation for vinyl or tiled flooring, and to make puttying simpler as the plastic acts as a reinforcement. The white colour that we have chosen for Purus Plate 2014 is good for installation with vinyl flooring as it is pigment-free.

Purus Plate 2014 is made of ABS-plastic, is glueable, has a load class of 300 kg and fits the following Purus gullies: Oden, Brage, Ymer 50, Shower gully and Flex.

Product data

Article no 7133696
Material Plastic (ABS)
Dimension 300x300x22 mm
Load class 300 kg.
Dimension Ø150 mm
Colour White.

When the ring spacer is not used, all plastic gullies in 150 diamension fits excluding Saga and Rot. With the ring spacer following plastic gullies fits: All Oden, all Brage, Ymer 50m Duschbrunn and Flex.