Tile Insert - Square - 150 SS

Tile Insert - Square - 150 SS

Due to its ease of installation and proven, safe design, Square Tile Insert is a good option when it is time for a new floor gully or when renovating an existing one. The low sides of the insert make it less visible from above, which creates a feeling of making the gully one with the floor. The 150 x 150 mm sized insert suits all Ø150 mm Purus gullies.

The overall impression is important to create the right feeling, and interior design is probably not the first thing one thinks of when it comes to floor gullies. But with its new smart design, Purus Square Tile Insert lifts the look of any bathroom. All without even being visible. Square Tile Insert is first rate when it comes to function and design, and it lifts the look of any bathroom due to the subtle solution it offers that shifts focus away from the gully to the floor.

Product data

Article no 7138463
Dimension 150x150 mm.
Material Stainless steel.

Suitable for all Purus floor gullies Ø150 mm.


Square Tile Insert comprises three parts; a stainless steel tile box, hair strainer and tile insert. There are also instructions on the inside of the insert to explain how to connect a 40 mm drain pipe from a bath.