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Stainless kitchen worktops

Countertops in stainless steel

We are proud to have all manufacturing of our custom stainless steel countertops and interior in Sweden, specifically in Smålandsstenar. All products are meticulously inspected throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee the highest possible quality.

We offer a wide range of kitchen countertops and sinks where you can choose the exact measurements and appearance you desire for your kitchen. All our countertops are manufactured in a single piece, so you don’t have to worry about seams that trap dirt and bacteria. The countertop is sanded and brushed to provide an attractive and durable surface.

With over 50 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of both mass-produced and customized stainless steel solutions, we have become a leading supplier of stainless steel kitchen countertops.

We provide you with a countertop to use extensively, one that will bring you kitchen-joy for many years to come.

We are one of the Scandinavian largest manufacturers of stainless kitchen worktops.

In our factory in Smålandsstenar, they are manufactured according to each customer’s unique options.

rostfria bänkskivor

Your specific countertop

Customize your kitchen countertop according to your preferences.

Choose from Basic, Original, or Premium countertops – all with the same high manufacturing quality. Simply long-lasting kitchen heroes that will bring you joy for many years to come.

Basic – Same high quality, but in standard dimensions and with fewer accessories and options. A straightforward and convenient choice for kitchens with standard measurements.

Original – Completely tailored to your measurements, preferences, and needs, with endless options regarding length, width, shape, angles, edges, sinks, accessories, and options. We can do (almost) anything – as long as it’s transportable and fits into your home.

Premium – A thin countertop in 4mm solid sheet metal. An exclusive and elegant premium feel, customized to your measurements and desires.

You choose the size, optional sink, surface, and edges to customize the appearance and function of the countertop according to your preferences and your kitchen’s interior style. Odd angles and corners? No problem, we’ll find you a solution!


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We manufacture most countertops according to each customer’s unique measurements and preferences. We also offer some standardized stock items, especially accessories.