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Stainless steel channels


Our stainless steel channel and floor drain range consists of products of the highest quality. We manufacture customized channels and drains according to your measurements and preferences regarding materials, load classes, floor types, etc. Accessories such as sediment traps, strainers, and traps are included in the range.

We also have a stocked standard assortment for quick delivery, including floor channels and drains of various sizes for industrial, workshop, and large kitchen use.

Starting from 1/1 2022, we have chosen to divide our range so that channels, grates, outlet housings, and accessories are combined separately based on your choices and preferences. This allows us to reduce the number of special items and have more items in stock with shorter delivery times.

To help you choose the right combination of products, we refer to our Channel Guides below. Go directly to the Channel Guide for your chosen model to configure or learn more information under “Read more” before proceeding.

You can also find spare parts and accessories on the respective product pages in the product menu.

We are more than happy to manufacture custom solutions based on measurements, material choices, and load classes. “Special” is our strength. Feel free to challenge us!


Purus channel 100

A narrow and versatile stainless steel channel that can be tailored to your needs. Fits well in larger bathrooms, spa areas, workshops or garages.

Available with either barefoot-friendly grates or grids for heavy traffic. With accessories such as filter baskets and sand traps, it is easily adapted to your needs.

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Purus channel 150

A special model highly requested by our customers, which we have now included in the standard range. The lengths offered as standard at the moment are 800, 1000 and 1200mm. Recommended for commercial kitchens, hospitals, spas, garages and industrial environments.

Accessories such as filter baskets and sand traps adapt it to your needs.

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Purus channel 200

A versatile channel with a 200mm grate, the channel can be tailored for your uses.

We recommend this channel model for, for example, commercial kitchens, hospitals, garages and industrial environments. With accessories such as filter baskets and sand traps, it is easily adapted to your needs.

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Purus channel volume

A channel with a L15 grate designed to meet high hygiene requirements, large volumes and a high flow.

Suitable for, for example, commercial kitchens, the food industry, healthcare and hospital environments as well as spa facilities.

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Purus channel combo

A channel where 50mm of remaining water in the base of the channel is used to form the water trap and odour seal.
Suitable for premises without any special hygiene requirements such as garages, workshops and industrial environments.

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Purus channel square

A channel with high flow capacity, able to handle large volumes and high hygiene requirements.

Suitable for commercial kitchens, the food industry, healthcare and hospital environments, as well as spa facilities.

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Purus channel cleaning room

A robust channel with filter basket, gap lid and grate with a high flow capacity for large volumes and strict hygiene requirements.

Suitable for washrooms or cleaning rooms in apartment buildings.

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Purusrenne asfalt, rennesluk for parkeringsplasser, garasjer og verksteder.

Purus channel asphalt

For installation in concrete floors with coating of cast asphalt, asphalt concrete, pulp or concrete.

The channel is equipped with anchor brackets for easy height adjustment, allowing it to be modified as needed.

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Purus channel evaporate

A channel without an outlet and an even depth for collecting melt water, which is then allowed to evaporate. Suitable for when there is no drain connection or the possibility to connect oil separators.

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Purus channel modulE (100 & slot)

Purus channel (100 or slot) module is based on either Purus channel 100 or Purus channel slot. They are adapted to your needs, for installation in concrete, pulp or tile floors without a waterproofing layer.

100 module has built-in falls and detachable grates. Slot module is a 20mm narrow channel without grates and with built-in falls.

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Purus channel sand trap -

A stainless steel floor channel that is 150mm or 300mm wide, with a built in sand trap.

Suitable for car washes, workshops, bus depots, or other environments with a lot of sand and gravel that need to be collected without impeding the flow.

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Important about when you choose your channel

For safety and functionality, it’s important that the frame matches the floor type. We offer products for various floor types: Concrete floors (F3), Epoxy floors (EP), Wet room matts (vinyl) with clamp frame (BE), Tiled floors with adhesive flange (F2), Tiled floors with clamp frame (F1), and Tiled floors with membrane flange Tile Insert (F2)

There are two variants of outlet placement – central outlet (standard) and end outlet (special order). The outlet housings are available with side or bottom outlets, in dimensions Ø50, Ø75, and Ø110 mm.

Grates/strainers are chosen based on their intended use and the load they will be subjected to. Strainer (Barefoot strainer = K3) is primarily used in bathrooms, spas, and locker rooms. It comes in various patterns, including lockable options. Grating (L15, M125), Our gratings are anti-slip and available in two load classes (L15, for passenger cars and M125, for heavier traffic/trucks). Additionally, the Purus Channel 100 can be obtained in a Tile Insert design for floor type (F2), where the floor tile integrates into the frame.

We offer a range of accessories such as water traps, strainers, plaster separators, sediment traps, lint boxes, etc. Which can be chosen to customize your solution according to your needs.

Our products are manufactured in stainless acid-resistant steel EN 1.4404 (or stainless steel EN 1.4301). After welding, the entire product (not just the weld) is pickled for increased durability.


Our product range includes floor channels and floor drains in stainless steel. We also manufacture customized solutions concerning measurements, material choices, load classes, etc.

If you need help with the perfect channel choises for your specific project, don’t hessitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.

Niklas Jönsson, Area Sales Manager