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Purus channel combo

COMBO – suitable for e.g. INDUSTRY AND WORKSHOP WITH CONTINUOUS FLOWS and without specific hygiene requirements

Purus channel combo is made of acid-resistant stainless steel and is available for several types of floors. There is a constantly residual water in the drain, approximately 50 mm of water, that forms the water seal at the bottom of the drain, The channel is equipped with a cleaning plug. The floor channle requires a continuous flow to function satisfactorily. Unsuitable for environments with hygiene requirements.

Suitable for industrial environments without hygiene requirements. Made of acid-resistant stainless steel (EN 1.4404) High quality and durability

Purusränna kombo Purusrenne kombo


When dealing with large flows, often more than just water that is flushed into the drainage system. Choose the suitable accessories that can separate sand, plaster, oil, or other particles from the liquid, thus minimizing the risk of clogged drains and contamination. For instance, there are various types of strainers and sand traps to choose from. These can be combined with a water trap.