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Purus launches new grates and frames for microcement

10 July 2023

A new unique frame with a design grate specially designed for microcement, developed in collaboration with Centro and Sika, has been launched by Purus.

There has been a need for a simple and secure solution on the market for connecting microcement floors to floor drains. The new microcement grate, Sun, from the floor drain expert Purus, has been developed and tested in collaboration with Centro and Sika, experts in building ceramics and products for bonding and sealing in the construction industry.

The demand for the seamless material microcement has gradually increased due to its industrial and vibrant expression. However, there has been a lack of a product on the market specifically designed for connecting microcement to floor drains.

Common square tile frames have not worked well enough with microcement because it has been difficult to avoid irregularities and achieve good adhesion. As a result, moisture over time has risked seeping between the floor drain and microcement. Thats why, Centro approached Purus, as a market leader in floor drains and manufacturer of plumbing solutions for over 75 years

Purus launches unique frame and grate for microcement.

Håkan Fridvall, Product Manager at Purus AB explains:

“Purus has now developed a frame with a Ø150 mm stainless steel sieve specifically designed for microcement. The development is based on a solid specification from Centro and Sika. The circular design of the frame saves time during installation and ensures the final sealing of the surface layer. No other player in the market has solved and tested this for microcement, which we have now done in collaboration with Centro and Sika’s systems”.

Magnus Danielsson, Product Manager at Centro kakel och klinker AB, what advantages do you see in microcement?

“There are many heavy tasks in our industry that can be both difficult to perform efficiently and ergonomically. Microcement is a more manageable material in this regard. Another major advantage is its cost-effectiveness, where you can even apply it directly on top of old tiles. With just a few millimeters of microcement and a protective sealant, you can achieve a modern new surface layer in the bathroom without the need for extensive demolition. Microcement also offers a wide range of design possibilities with different colors.”

Purus microcement sieve, Sun, is manufactured in 3 mm durable stainless steel with an ABS frame. The model is suitable for floor drains with a sieve dimension of 150 mm. The grate’s design is created to ensure good flow and has a load class of K3. Sun is offered in the following variants:

  • Microcement sieve Sun 150, Stainless Steel, RSK no. 7130047
  • Microcement sieve Sun 150, Black, RSK no. 7130049
  • Microcement sieve Sun 150, Brass, RSK no. 7130050
  • Microcement sieve Sun 150 with recess, Stainless Steel, RSK no. 7130048
  • Microcement sieve Sun 150 with recess, Black, RSK no. 7130058
  • Microcement sieve Sun 150 with recess, Brass, RSK no. 7130059