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Trend scouting: Three surefire cards for tomorrow’s bathroom decor from Cersaie 2023

26 September 2023

This year, the recognized fair focusing on tiles and bathroom interior in Bologna, Italy, celebrated 40 years. We asked Niklas Jönsson from Purus export team, with extensive experience in helping European bathroom builders find the right plumbing system solutions, to summarize his impressions from his visit to Cersaie. Here, five of the major bathroom trends are described.

Over the years, many of the world’s most famous brands and creators have presented innovative architecture and design at Cersaie, not least within the framework of the fair’s idea laboratory. This became clear when the 40th anniversary was recognized with special seminars and the section with the title “Route 40”, where the fair’s history could be experienced via thematic walkways. Cersaie has clearly contributed to broadening visitors’ horizons of what can be achieved in ceramic tiles and bathroom design.

Niklas from Purus Export at Cersaie 2023
5 trender för dig som bygger badrum 2022

””In fact, the major manufacturers exhibiting at Cersaie 2021 confirm what has already been launched, with the addition of a few small new nuances. So, the major trends in bathroom interior design do not change significantly next year, even though some new and unique designs have emerged.”


Interior styles from the past, especially those that characterized the 50s, are back in fashion in a new, modern interpretation. You can see it in terrazzo or terracotta floors, colored ceramics, and pedestal sinks. Also through tiles with geometric patterns or elegant decorations, such as bathroom mosaics.



Spa experiences continue to emphasize a desire to bring a piece of nature into our interior spaces. The calming and rejuvenating character of nature has flourished in an uncertain pandemic world. Marble, stone, leaf patterns, and wood structures ground us, and there is a clear focus on incorporating vegetation such as bamboo, Chinese evergreen, and all kinds of ferns in bathrooms.


Blue has always been popular in bathrooms, but this year we have seen everything from turquoise aqua to azure and navy blue making a statement. A bathroom in a subdued blue with brass details feels luxurious and expensive. A grateful contrast between deep blue and beige or white makes the color easy to incorporate as an accent in the bathroom, while still being perceived as timeless, indicating that the trend is gaining traction in 2022.


The attraction to subtle shades and soft colors continues, such as the color pink. After dispelling the myth of being exclusively feminine, pink works in various shades, both in the family bathroom and in the guest toilet. A stylish color that creates a harmonious and pleasant environment to spend time in.


Faucets are offered not only in traditional chrome finish but also in both matte white and matte black, which, by all indications, seem to be here to stay, along with brass. Many fixtures and mirrors are motion-controlled or have a simple touch function that regulates light or volume. There is also a strong focus on easy cleaning.

We predict that manufacturers investing in environmentally friendly technology and creating genuinely sustainable products with long lifespans will succeed in the long run. Most importantly, the end-user should feel confident with the installations and be able to enjoy their hygiene ritual, thriving in their new bathroom for many years to come. This is after all the room you will start and end your day in, so it should set the right tone for you.

Photo: Jarle Ørnebro, Purus