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More floor gully gratings in grey and black recycled plastic from Purus

6 February 2024

Purus completes the market’s widest range of floor drains with accessories – now with more strainers in grey and black

Purus wants to emphasize that everything is not black or white – the grey area is just as important! This is underlined by the fact that the classic floor gully gratings in the patterns Drop and Art Deco are now also offered in a grateful grey colour in various sizes and patterns.

When we started manufacturing matt black gratings in recycled plastic in our Ystad factory in 2021, we had no idea that demand would increase so significantly. Today, more and more people dare, and want, to take the step away from classic white floor gullies.

Niklas Jönsson, Team Leader for Purus export sales explains:

– We at Purus are proud to be one of Europe’s leading suppliers of floor drains for vinyl flooring in Europe. In dialogue with our customers who produce vinyl floors for bathrooms, hospitals, schools, and other environments, we have chosen to supplement with more plastic gratings in grey and black that match today’s modern vinyl floors. In addition, we offer a range of stainless steel gratings, as well as floor gully solutions that can be mounted close to the wall with designer gratings in e.g. stainless steel, brass and matt black, which are appreciated by customers interested in interior design.

The pattern of the gratings is designed to be barefoot friendly and ensure a good flow. All have load class K3, i.e. have undergone tests which show that they can withstand a load of 300 kg. The new gratings are available in the dimensions Ø130, 150 and 179 mm, respectively, which fit Purus floor gullies in plastic, stainless steel or cast iron. The gratings are supplied with a locking device and screws, for those who wish such a function, where the black gratings are fitted with black screws. The grey colour corresponds to RAL 7040 and not only matches grey floors, but also marries well with other colours.

Lotta Gram, who is Sustainability Lead at Purus, says that they are continuously working to increase the proportion of recycled material in the product flora:

– Today’s customers more often take into account the product’s life cycle when making their choices. Then production, recycling rate and long service life come into play. If you are looking for durable materials, plastic is a really good alternative. On the one hand, it lasts a long time, and on the other hand, it is a material that can be recycled with good quality.

Grating Drop 150 in white plastic, 7138446
Grating Drop 150 in grey plastic, 7130086
Grating Drop 150 in black plastic, 7129883
Grating Drop 179 in white plastic, 7129671
Grating Drop 179 in grey plastic, 53611
Grating Drop 179 in black plastic, 3406104
Grating Art Deco 130 in white plastic, 7138447
Grating Art Deco 130 in grey plastic, 7130066
Grating Art Deco 130 in black plastic, 7130060