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World plumbing day

11 March 2024


Plumbing is a large part of everyday life, such as to shower, take a glass of water from a tap and be able to flush the toilet. All of these tasks are possible thanks to trained, skilled plumbers and technological advancements in plumbing. World Plumbing Day on 11 March is an opportunity to celebrate and honor all of you skilled plumbers for the crucial role you play in making water, heat and energy work in society.

Today we from Purus, the market leader in floor gullies, want to take the opportunity to draw attention to all committed plumbers in our part of the world who contribute to shaping modern and sustainable water and sanitation systems. Plumbers are often the unseen heroes who ensure that we have access to clean drinking water, efficient sewage systems and comfortable bathrooms. Your work is fundamental to maintaining a high quality of life and to protecting public health.


As the market leader in floor drains, we strive to continue to deliver cutting-edge plumbing products that help plumbers install innovative and functional products that combine aesthetics with effective drainage.

The drawings on this page come from the patent that was submitted in 1955 in the wake of a trip to America, from where master builder Harry Karlsson together with Puru’s then CEO Bengt Spånberg, grandfather of Rebecka Spånberg who runs the company today, made sure that the impressions were refined into an idea that became to the first “Purus gully”. The patent application stated that the idea for Purus (Latin for clean), was a new and unique solution to secure the connection between plastic floors and drains.

The invention soon led to a wide variety of floor drains and accessories. We are proud to have been able to contribute to moving Nordic building standards forward at a rapid pace in the coming decades.
Today, almost 80 years later, Purus is the market leader in the manufacture of floor gullies in the Nordic countries. Every week, thousands of floor wells and accessories leave our factories in Swedish Ystad and Smålandsstenar, which makes us the largest in floor gullies in the Nordics.

It’s something we’re very proud of, and we continue to take our legacy of innovation, function and design into the future.

Today, both our own shower and indoor toilet are a matter of course in our everyday lives, which was not the case when many of our grandparents were growing up.

Drawings taken from Purus 1955 patent that paved the way for a safer connection between floor mat and indoor drain.


Today’s property owners and residents expect a seamless interior design where aesthetics and practical functionality go hand in hand. Purus Line is one of today’s modern linear design floor gullies on the market. With the option of either a visible strainer or a special frame for recessed tiles, there is room for preference and taste.

The Purus Line series is easier for the plumber to install and this reduces the risk of errors and complaints.


Plumbers’ work also plays a key role in promoting sustainable practices. By implementing modern technology and materials, such as Purus design floor gullies made from materials that reduce the risk of water damage and last for years to come, plumbers are helping to build a more sustainable future.

The plumbing industry also has a social responsibility. On World Plumbing Day, Purus encourages all plumbers to continue their commitment. This may include participation in water and sanitation projects in collaboration with local organizations to ensure access to water for all, recycling the need in the future. An art form that we at Purus call “The Art of The Water Cycle”.

See how easy it is to install a Purus Line in vinyl flooring!

What is World Plumbing Day?

World Plumbing Day is an initiative of the World Plumbing Council and is celebrated since its inception in 2010 all over the world every year on March 11. The day aims to spread awareness about the importance of plumbing and plumbers in protecting public health and improving amenities.